Experiences | The PREMIUM 酒蔵ツアー / 酒蔵見学ツアー


Premium Sake Brewery Tours can offer an array of unique and amazing sake experiences to suite your needs. Feel free to customize your dream tour and sake experience.

Sake Brewery tours for Japanese tourists / Brewery tours for foreign tourists

  • A bus tour of sake breweries with an overnight stay at a beautiful and relaxing hot spring
  • A tour of wineries and whisky distilleries along with sake breweries
  • Visit breweries recommended by sake specialists
  • A tour which offers cuisine to pair with sake
  • Tour to meet chief brewers and brewery overseers
  • Tour of local craft beer breweries along with sake breweries
  • Learn the secrets of the oldest breweries
  • A tour with a variety of styles of sake
  • A tour of breweries designated as Cultural Heritage Sites or Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
  • Visit breweries that have been in operation for over 100 years
  • Visit breweries which are less than 1 hour and 30 minutes away from my hotel by car

Sake Brewery tours for foreign tourists

  • Tour with a foreign language-speaking guide
  • Tour to learn about Japanese history and culture
  • Organize a tour as a company event
  • Sightseeing and brewery tour for a small group
  • Visit izakayas and sake bars recommended by a knowledgeable guide and try many kinds of sake and participate in a special sake event
  • Tour with customized privacy and security needs
  • Tour that includes locales that appear in anime movies
  • Tour with special experiences such as local arts, cuisine and even adventure activities
  • Learn the secrets to longevity of breweries over 300 years old for business research

【Movie】GINJO Kingdom! Yagamata Sake Brewery Tour

Yamanashi and Nagano! Day trip to Sake Brewery


If none of these example tours are to your liking, please consult with one of our Premium Sake Brewery Tour specialists. We can craft custom and unique sake experiences that will provide you with an amazing and ever lasting memory.