【Movie】GINJO Kingdom! Yagamata Sake Brewery Tour

On tour, we visited four sake breweries in Yamagata in three days.

We visited four sake breweries, representing Yamagata prefecture. These are Dewazakura Sskebrewery, Otokoyama Sakebrewery, Koikawa Sakebrewery, Kojima Sohonten. In the evening, We stayed at a famous hot spring inn and enjoyed the outdoor bath. For dinner, delicious local cuisine and sake made by visited sake breweries are enjoyed by pairing, it is an extravagant experience for a sake-savvy person. There are sake breweries rooted in the land in every part of Japan. Why do not you find your favorite sake brewery tour and enjoy it? Please see the movie about “GINJO Kingdom! Yagamata  Sake Brewery Tour”.